Saturday, 23 February 2008

Internet Archive

Often, internet links become dead over time. opswarfare is always fighting to update the links referred to in its posts, especially the old ones. In some circumstances, opswarfare has resorted to reproducing the text in the post, to ensure that important info is kept for posterity.

Another method to try is the Internet Archive. To try it out, opswarfare used the most obvious example, at least in military circles recently. eDefense was a great resource (as is Ares is now) for military technology and also analysis of combat operations.

Although the speed is a bit slow, the archive is quite well-kept. opswarfare envisages that another few months will be "wasted" in going through the archives. cool.

p.s. eDefense's tagline is quite cool.

Detect. Decide. Shoot. Survive.


  1. howdy, got here from ur comment on the library@orchard blog.

    I'm just wondering if u have found a method to auto-check links in a blog and identify dead ones?

    Oh and on the topic of web archiving, it can be done using the downloadable heritrix tool tt Internet Archive is using.. NLB is also using tt for its Web Archive Singapore

  2. i have been doing it manually...but your idea of a auto-check of dead links sounds cool...

    a quick google search reveals a few leads, below is one of them

    i'm currently trying it out...