Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Apache helicopters to be sent into Libya by Britain

The Guardian
Yet another escalation of the war in Libya, some interesting developments besides the deployment of Apache helicopters from naval warships.
Gaddafi forces have shed their uniforms, are using civilian vehicles and hiding armour near civilian buildings, including hospitals and schools.
The French newspaper le Figaro said their helicopters would be assisted by target identification from French special forces who have been on the ground in Libya since the start of the allied operation there. The UK Ministry of Defence does not comment on special forces' operations.
The first international Stabilisation Response Team has arrived in Libya, the UK international development secretary Andrew Mitchell has confirmed . He said Britain would continue to provide humanitarian help and medical and emergency food supplies.
Update (4th June 2011): Video of first Apache strike missions from HMS Ocean

Monday, 23 May 2011

Taliban destroy two Pakistan navy P-3Cs

Flight International
This latest attack is a little puzzling at first glance. The Taliban does not gain militarily with the destruction of maritime patrol aircraft. The terror angle is also limited, as it was a specific targeted attack on a military facility and not a civilian target.

The only "victory" that I can think of for now is to show the incompetence of the Pakistan armed forces. They have done it before, with an earlier attack on an army base.