Friday, 12 February 2016

Specialised Marine Craft - "Smoke and Mirrors"

More details about the Specialised Marine Craft (SMC) revealed, via Jane's Defence Weekly.

In the minds of many military enthusiasts, the SMC has more secrets up it's sleeve...

For example, the stated primary role of "coastal interception of threats at sea", doesn't require a stealth design.

But "smoke and mirrors" is not unexpected, from a military force that wishes to keep the adversary guessing. :)

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

“The Past and Future of War” - Prof Azar Gat - 23 Feb 2016

Just alerted via email
When did war start? Is it as old as our species (Hobbes), or a late cultural invention that emerged only with agriculture, complex societies and the state (Rousseau)? Travelling through the millennia, is war decreasing in today’s world, and if so what are the nature and causes of this decline? What are the countervailing forces that may undermine the trend as we advance into the 21st century?
Details in link below.