Sunday, 17 February 2008

High-Tech Weapons Are Standard Issue for Insurgents

Aviation Week
Quite a few new revelations regarding the capability of Hezbollah and Iran. The paragragh below is especially insightful.
Like most modern militaries, Israeli forces use "frequency-hopping" -- rapidly switching among dozens of frequencies per second -- to prevent radio messages from being jammed or intercepted. They also use encryption devices to make it difficult for the enemy to decipher transmissions even if they are intercepted. Hezbollah had sophisticated devices that intercepted radio signals even while they were frequency-hopping. "We were able to monitor Israeli communications and we used this information to adjust our planning," says a Hezbollah commander involved in the battles, speaking on condition of anonymity.
Most modern armies rely on frequency-hopping radios to communicate, with the understanding that they provide some level of protection from the enemy. If the above is true, then the practice of proper voice-procedure (i.e. speaking using codewords) is even more important than ever.

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