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Combat Tactical Challenge - Help Me!

The Centre for Army Lessons in the Australian Army publishes a series of Combat Tactical Challenges.

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opswarfare hopes to keep an archive of the scenarios presented.


Tropical Cyclone Baldrick impacted on the North Queensland coast between Cardwell and Ingham, causing major damage to infrastructure (roads, buildings, power and water) in several towns along the coast.

You are deployed as part of Op BALDRICK ASSIST to provide immediate assistance to the town of Ingham and surrounding areas. You are among the first responders to the scene; your arrival is just 4 hours since the region was impacted.

You are the brick commander whose primary mission on this day is to clear debris from a series of roads on the southern approach to the town. This will allow emergency response vehicles into the town so that they can begin to set up infrastructure to support the local population.

Upon hearing the sounds of your chainsaws, your brick is immediately overwhelmed with civilians asking for assistance to clear their properties. Several comment that they lost their roof in the cyclone, and others have had significant structural damage.

Three civilians with serious injuries have been carried to you; one has a head wound which is bleeding profusely, while two others have significant limb injuries.

A heavily pregnant woman believes she has gone into labour and hasn't been able to call emergency services as the phone lines are down. She has no support with her, as her husband was caught out by the cyclone, and is stuck in Townsville unable to get through.

One of your soldiers helping to clear the felled trees is bitten by a snake.

Your only reliable form of communication is your own personal mobile phone. Emergency services are not able to get through the debris to you.

What Would You Do?

Several hours later, you have managed to clear one lane into the centre of the town when you hear word that the support vehicles coming up from Townsville have been involved in a mass vehicle accident, and will not be arriving with the extra fuel, food, water, and other supplies.

You estimate you have only an hour's supply of chainsaw fuel left, and three of your eight chainsaws have broken down. You are receiving significant pressure from emergency services to clear the road quicker, and civilians are stepping in to help with clearing the roads.

How do you manage this situation?

You receive new orders to send half your brick and yourself to the centre of town to assist local police with a spate of looting that is occurring in the town's electronic and hardware stores.

You and your soldiers must approach the town on foot, as the roads into town are still littered with debris.

Approaching the town centre, you observe several youths smashing store front windows. When they observe you coming towards them, they begin to throw rocks and other debris at you and your men.

You are not armed, and are not wearing any PPE.

How do you respond?

It is not the intent of the Combat Tactical Challenge to provide all the specific information necessary for a ‘DS solution'. As such, write down any assumptions you may have made and then come up with a solution.

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