Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Combat Tactical Challenge

"A Combat Tactical Challenge is a combat scenario where the reader is provided with a combat situation that requires them to utilise certain resources to achieve a tactical outcome. Not all considerations for the situation can be provided in this forum, so the reader is given scope to make assumptions when developing a solution."
A rather interactive method by the Australian Army to discuss lessons learned among soldiers and encourage them to put on their thinking caps. In the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), "thinking soldier" is sometimes used in a slightly negative (or perhaps ironic) manner.

Using realistic scenarios will make it more engaging for our conscripts, and allow them to feel that SAF is not so "wayang".

This type of "war games" reminds me of the book, The Defense of Jisr Al-Doreaa, which opswarfare highlighted earlier this year.

Quite a few acronyms used in the example. opswarfare may need to decode some of them before a proposed solution can be attempted.

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