Saturday, 6 August 2011

Marines press the "Reset" button

"One of the main goals of the exercise is to reacquaint Marines with their basic mission as America’s expeditionary force in readiness. That means getting Marine units out of the barracks and into the field, where they live in tents and have to purify their own water, Davis noted."
The USMC's reason for existence, amphibious operations, has been watered down.

Long overseas deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan have "degenerated" the Marines (and other Army units) into a pseudo-police force. This blog has previously argued that police or paramilitary forces are more suitable for conducting counterinsurgency operations.

Another thing. The Marines seem to revel in "doing more with less". This gungho attitude is great, and essential in combat, but the Pentagon should realise how much better the Marines can be with better equipment.

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