Saturday, 5 November 2011

Discussions on International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and contemporary armed conflicts

One of the reports to be presented at the above event is the 3rd report on International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and the Challenges of Contemporary Armed Conflicts.

New topics raised in the report

  1. the notion and typology of armed conflicts; 
  2. the interplay between international humanitarian and human rights law; 
  3. humanitarian access and assistance; 
  4. IHL and multinational forces; 
  5. new technologies of warfare; 
  6. the use of explosive weapons in densely populated areas; 
  7. the Arms Trade Treaty; and 
  8. the conflation of IHL and the legal framework governing terrorism
Updates of existing topics
  1. expert project on the law of occupation
  2. Montreux Document on private military and security companies
I also recently listened in to an enlightening live web seminar on "Challenges to the Application of IHL to Afghanistan", which discussed the following issues
  1. The role of IHL in regulating hostilities, particularly issues related to targeting, status of individuals, and the question of the geography of armed conflict
  2. The current nature of detention operations in Afghanistan, and the legal framework(s) by which these operations are regulated
  3. The state of humanitarian operations, the role of humanitarian actors such as the ICRC, and the challenges of access to vulnerable populations
To listen to the web seminar again (plus see the slides presented), click on the link below.

The audio can also be downloaded as a podcast. Use the link below with your RSS reader.

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