Monday, 7 November 2011

Behind "The Untold War" with Professor Nancy Sherman

I was "lucky" to have a few hours of spare time between 2 gatherings while out in town. This gave me time to finish the prologue in this book, before deciding to borrow this book at the National Library.

Jump to a few weeks later, and the book is now slightly overdue, with me scrambling to finish it before returning after the end of the long weekend.

Anyway, long story short. I found a common thread between 3 sources on the issue of unwise orders. This book, "The Untold War", the recent sacking of Major General Peter Fuller for his comments on Afghan leaders, and the recent Star Wars Clone Wars episode "The General".

It really is not easy to stand up to an unwise order.
"It is precisely in uniform, and in order to be true to that uniform, that military personnel may have to disobey, question authority, choose not to bow to institutional pressures, if what they are being asked to do violates conscience. To be sure, cases of unwise orders present difficult tests for moral judgment, far harder than outright illegal or immoral orders."

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