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Combat Tactical Challenge - Snap Vehicle Checkpoint

The Centre for Army Lessons in the Australian Army publishes a series of Combat Tactical Challenges.

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opswarfare hopes to keep an archive of the scenarios presented.



You are in an overseas country, assisting the local police with peace keeping operations. A snap VCP has been established on one of the sealed single lane roads leading into the adjacent town, approx 3 km from the south eastern edge of the town. This is a rural area with no nearby houses. The town's hospital is approx 4 km away, on the western side of the town.

Local clans are smuggling illegal wpns from the rural areas into the towns. These wpns are used by the different clans to attack opposition clans. The local clans have avoided initiating contact with ADF units. Reports from the Int Section has been that a dark gray or blue twin cab utility has been used to smuggled wpns into the town.

Friendly Forces
You have two Land Rovers and a total of 8 section members.
Other section-strength snap VCPs have been est on other approach roads. The nearest section is approx 1.5 km away. PHQ is 2 km NW. A section-strength QRF, mounted in a Bushmaster, is located with PHQ.

The majority of civ have been supportive of the ADF provided that the ADF do not disrupt their day-to-day lives.

Attachments & Detachments
You have a female driver with you to conduct pers searches of female civ and children.
You have no civ police with you at the VCP. Two civ pol are co-located with PHQ.


To operate a snap VCP on the town approach road IOT prevent movement of illegal wpns into the city until 1200 hrs.


Co-ord Instructions
Operate VCP from 1000 to 1200 hrs.

Can direct pers not to move through VCP unless they agree to a search of pers and veh.
Can use reasonable force to prevent pers or veh moving through VCP.
Cannot use potentially lethal force to prevent pers or veh moving through VCP.
Can seize any dangerous things found.
Can detain pers found in possession of dangerous things.
Can use up to lethal force to protect self, other members of ADF and civ pol.


The VCP has been established for approx 5 minutes and one car has been through the VCP without incident when a blue Rodeo twin cab ute (fitting the description of the suspect veh) approaches the VCP from the south east.
There is the single male driver in the front and a man and lady in the back. The driver is angry at being stopped as his pregnant sister is in the back seat with her husband. He says that his sister is in labour and he must get her to the town's hospital immediately. The lady appears to be pregnant and is very distressed. The husband is also becoming angry at being stopped.
There are several crates in the back under a tarpaulin that appear to be full of builder's tools.
A yellow sedan travelling NW has been stopped by the SE sentry and the 2 male occupants have got out to see what the commotion is about.


Take a moment to evaluate the situation.
Detail to your Section what your reaction is to controlling the members of the yellow sedan, searching the Rodeo ute, assisting the woman in labour, etc.
What is the priority of tasking, given your mission?
At what stage do you inform PHQ?
Do you have sufficient troops to conduct this type of snap VCP?
Are your ROE sufficiently specific?

How would you deal with this problem?

Is there anything else that needs to be considered?
It is not the intent of the Combat Tactical Challenge to provide all the specific information necessary for a ‘DS solution'. As such, write down any assumptions you may have made and then come up with a solution.

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