Tuesday, 10 June 2008

How UK fights remote control war

A few new developments that opswarfare sees in this article
  1. UK Reapers are also controlled from Creech Air Force base in the US
  2. One Reaper has crashed
  3. UK Reapers have fired ordnance in combat
The above points leads to a few questions
  1. Is there some technical issue preventing the control station from being set up in the UK?
  2. What caused the crash?
  3. Was it a high-value target that they tried to hit?
Time to do some searching...

[Update: 15th June 2008]
  1. The MOD also has a short article.
  2. In "sort of" related news, Raytheon has just confirmed that a new missile is being developed for use on the Predator UAV (the Predator is the predecessor of the Reaper), but the customer details are currently unknown

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