Thursday, 19 June 2008

Eurosatory 2008

Coverage of upcoming weapon systems at Eurosatory 2008.

An example is the Loitering Munition concept, which could be useful for counter-insurgency operations. opswarfare has seen too many videos where Coalition forces go out on patrol, and then get pinned down by an ambush. Then, due to insufficient organic firepower (of the indirect kind), much time is wasted (and the initiative lost) in calling for air-strikes.

A Loitering Munition could be used in this scenario, with a quick call to artillery forces to fire one of these missiles in the general direction of the contact, and while the missile loiters, the enemy position can be confirmed (and properly identified) before guiding the missile towards the target.

Some of the competing products can be found on this Defense-Update page.

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