Monday, 4 October 2004

Army Technology - Viking (BVS10) Armoured All Terrain Vehicle

Army Technology - Viking (BVS10) Armoured All Terrain Vehicle
In a previous article on Russian logistics for urban combat in Chechnya, a lack of an armoured supply & ambulance vehicle was cited as one of the problems. The BVS10 is a possible solution, with armoured cabins and low pressure rubber tracks.

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  1. The BvS10 vehicle development was based on the operationally proven capability of the Swedish Hagglunds Bv206 and Bv206S vehicles. Over 11,000 vehicles are in service in 40 countries.

    The Viking, fitted with a more powerful engine, is larger and faster than the Bv206S and has greater load capacity.

    Some of the vehicle bodies were built at the Land Systems manufacturing plant in Telford in the UK and final production and assembly was carried out at Land Systems Hagglunds AB in Ornskolsvik in Sweden. The vehicles will be in service until beyond 2023!

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