Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Think strategic, fight tactical

A quick response to the 3 questions asked in the link above.
  1. What are the terms of a strategic narrative to defeat the extremist movements who trade in barbarity?
  2. Do we need to reconsider how we use military forces? Is force their most effective capability?
  3. Are American and Western political audiences willing to sacrifice life and treasure to defend others?
First posted on Twitter.

  • re: Televised Salvation; [1] don't forget the tactical; we can also use these broadcasts to trace useful intel on ISIS #CCLKOW
  • re: Televised Salvation; [2] we should be mindful that many soldiers "didn't sign up" to conduct these "soothe & cuddle operations" #CCLKOW
  • re: Televised Salvation; [3] as long as there are soldiers willing to sacrifice life and treasure to defend others, that is enough #CCLKOW

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