Monday, 16 December 2013

French troops in Central African Republic

"50. Authorizes the French forces in the CAR, within the limits of their capacities and areas of deployment, and for a temporary period, to take all necessary measures to support MISCA in the discharge of its mandate as provided by paragraph 28 above; requests France to report to the Council on the implementation of this mandate in the CAR and to coordinate its reporting with the reporting by the African Union referred to in paragraph 32 above and decides to review this mandate within six months after its commencement and calls upon the Transitional Authorities to cooperate fully with the deployment and operations of French forces, in particular by ensuring its safety, security and freedom of movement with unhindered and immediate access throughout the territory of CAR and further calls upon neighbouring countries of CAR to take appropriate measures to support the action of French forces;"
An extract from Resolution 2127, adopted by the United Nations Security Council, allowing French troops to enter the Central African Republic to protect civilians and restore security and public order.

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