Sunday, 17 March 2013

New fitness test for Canadian Armed Forces

New fitness test for all 3 branches (Air Force, Army, Navy) of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Test Component Description Standard
Sandbag Lift 30 consecutive lifts of a 20 kg sandbag to a height above 91.5 cm, alternating between left and right sandbags separated by 1.25 m. 3 minutes 30 seconds​
​Intermittent Loaded Shuttles ​Using the 20 m lines, complete ten shuttles (1 shuttle = 20 m there, 20 m back), alternating between a loaded shuttle with a 20 kg sandbag and an unloaded shuttle, for a total of 400 m.​ 5 minutes 21 seconds​
20 metre Rushes​ ​Starting from prone, complete two shuttle sprints (1 shuttle = 20 m there, 20 m back) dropping to a prone position every 10m, for a total of 80 m.​ ​51 seconds​
Sandbag Drag​ Carry one 20 kg sandbag and pull four on the floor over 20 m without stopping.​ Completed without stopping​

General Tom Lawson, Chief of the Defence Staff, seemed to deliberately do the test slower than Peter MacKay, the Defence Minister.

But anyway, it seems like a useful combat-oriented fitness test, unlike our IPPT, which is modified from the NAPFA test that we first did in school.

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