Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Rant on the $5B CAMO SNAFU story that's doing the rounds

Super hate it when local newspapers just mindlessly copy a trending article (e.g. via Facebook) and write a local version, without proper fact-checking.

Likely the RSIS staff interviewed was thinking "how to tell this journalist that the question is damn boliao", but "I want to be quoted in a newspaper", so decided not to explain the context. The context
  1. US Army already using Multicam in Afghanistan for a few years
  2. No official news from US Army that they are changing uniforms
  3. Camouflage pattern design is always a compromise
  4. The Daily is a internet news website recently formed in 2011
  5. No other major news channel has covered this story (for a good reason) 
Rant over.

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