Saturday, 26 September 2009

Upcoming changes to the blog

First up, apologies for the drop in blogging rate at opswarfare. I have been busy, but have in the meantime introduced some new content (besides blog posts).

Readers may have noticed the recent inclusion of Twitter feeds, and an app that shows visitor stats. Both have been useful (in my view), but for the Twitter feed specifically, I felt that it was indirectly reducing my blogging rate, as I realised that I leaned towards Twitter for a quick blurb instead of a careful considered blog post on several occasions. I'm still reviewing whether I should continue with the Twitter posts.

A Change in focus
Since the very beginning, opswarfare has consciously avoided a US-centric focus, because not everything revolves around them. On hindsight, this has been a good decision, as it "forced" me to look beyond the usual US-centric military news (e.g. Iraq, Afghanistan, or major US weapons) but to look for more "leftfield" news.

I have now decided to further modify opswarfare's focus to concentrate on regional issues in Asia and South-East Asia. Frankly, the milblogs of Ares, Kings of War, and The Dew Line, etc are great at what they do, and opswarfare does not want to replicate their good work. Also, many regional military news are being under-reported. Examples include the tensions in Mindanao, southern Thailand, and Burma. opswarfare hopes to start off this new phase by looking at these 3 areas.

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