Friday, 28 November 2008

Mumbai attacks - The next phase of asymmetric warfare?

After finding out details of the Mumbai attacks via a TV news channel, it gave me a feeling similar to when I saw scenes of the airliner crashing into the World Trade Center.
  • Firearms, not bombs
  • Hotels, not transport facilities
The attacks bear the hallmarks of a shift in tactics. But definitely still asymmetric in nature.

If the authorities make it difficult to make bombs (trace materials, find bomb-makers), use alternatives.

If the police patrol train stations and airports, attack another location, especially one that will take a lot of effort to "clear" (it will be a nightmare to conduct room clearing room by room in a hotel).

I fear that other terrorists will copy this tactic and use it elsewhere...

I suppose this reinforces the argument that one has to address the underlying issues causing the radicalisation of these terrorists, and not just fighting them straight on.

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