Thursday, 15 May 2008

Lebanon cancels anti-Hezbollah measures

Lebanon should be commended for trying something different, even though in this instance, it's disappointing that it is backing down on its initial actions. Asymmetry begets asymmetry.

Perhaps a little clarification is apt here. Hezbollah is an organisation that fights using asymmetric means. The Lebanese government tried to shut down Hezbollah's communications network and also sacked Beirut airport's security chief, who is close to the group.

The communications network helped Hezbollah retain command and control of its forces during the recent Israeli-Hezbollah conflict in 2006.

The airport security chief could possibly turn a blind eye to "questionable" items sent from Syrian and Iran via Beirut Airport.

So the Lebanese government tried not to fight Hezbollah directly, but "attack" it's (in military parlance) C4I assets and logistics tail.

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