Sunday, 23 March 2008

RUSI-DEM SubTech 08 Underwater Warfare Conference

Underwater warfare remains a key area for countries to stretch their muscles, especially given the strategic and tactical importance of maintaining superiority in this arena. The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) held a conference in January 2008, and the link above contains presentations from the event. A short blurb of the event below
The RUSI-DEM Submarine Technology – or SUBTECH – event, which took place in January 2008, served as an important forum for the international submarine community to come together to discuss issues ranging from why you need submarines, to what you want to do with them, to what capability you want them to have, to how you deliver that capability on time and on budget.
The list of presentations made are below.
  1. Rear Admiral Andrew Matthews CB DGSM – ‘Showing the US the way?’ (click here for speaking notes)
  2. Captain Dickie Baum RN – ‘The Importance of the Underwater Environment’ (click here for video)
  3. Rear Admiral Mark W. Kenny USN – ‘Defeating Counter-Terrorism Threats Ashore, from Under the Sea’
  4. Captain Rick Nicklas USN – ‘US Submarine Acquisition: Enabling Effect in the Underwater Battlespace’
  5. Captain Andre de Wet South African Navy
  6. Commander Delorme FN
  7. Andrew Davies, ASPI – ‘Keeping up with the Neighbours: Submarine Fleets in the Asia-Pacific and Australia’s Response’
  8. Commander Jonas Haggren Royal Swedish Navy
  9. Captain Siegfried Schneider German Navy
  10. Commodore John Gower OBE MNI RN – No Powerpoint Presentation.
  11. Philip Cooper, QinetiQ – ‘Achieving Value in the Underwater Research Investment’
  12. Chris Trout, BMT – ‘SMEs – the Engine of Innovation’
  13. Dr Norman Friedman – ‘From Lone Wolves to the Centre of the Net: Transforming the Role of Submarines in the Underwater Battlespace’ – No Powerpoint Presentation.
  14. Rear Admiral John B. Padgett III USN (Ret’d) – ‘Using Submarine Attributes, Current and Future, to Enable Future Payloads’
  15. Dr Paul Gosling, Thales Naval UK – ‘Industrial Capabilities and COTS Opportunities in Mine Counter Measures, Underwater Unmanned Vehicles and Open System Architectures’
  16. Mr E. Grant Corcoran, Lockheed Martin – ‘Cost Effective Provision of Capability through COTS/OA’
  17. Dr Dennis Gilbert, Babcock Marine
  18. Murray Easton CBE, BAE Systems
  19. Steve Ludlam, Rolls-Royce
  20. Dr. Lee Willett - Submarines in British Defence Policy: Making the Case?

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