Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Exercise Pacemaker 07

Österreichs Bundesheer - Evaluierungsübung Pacemaker 07
Exercise setting:
Based on a UN Security Council Resolution, military forces separated 2 conflicting parties, within a fictitious Europe, into A-Land and B-Land.

Subsequently, UN Forces were maintaining a safe and secure environment within a demilitarized zone set up between both countries.

After renewed attacks of terrorists organizations, which UN Troops were not able to prevent, A-Land started again attacks against B-Land and occupied parts of its territory.

On demand of the UN, the EU committed military forces to the conflict area. Under the lead of the Austrian 7th Infantry Brigade, a Multinational Task Force is on its way to this area in order to re-establish a safe and secure environment and to separate the conflicting parties, if necessary by force.
Quite a scenario, I must say. More great photos at Military photos.

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