Friday, 14 September 2007

The law of armed conflict (LOAC): teaching file

As conflicts become more complicated (e.g. urban operations, combatants not in uniform, operations other than war, etc), the chances of civilian casualties are much higher than before. This is one of the areas where the law of armed conflict is used to guide armed forces in their conduct. The above is a Red Cross teaching file.

A few quick points spotted while reading lessons 1 & 2...
  • combatants will be accorded proper POW treatment only if they are wearing uniforms
  • besides punishment on the armed forces, soldiers may be personally liable if they violate the law of armed conflict
  • the white flag is a flag of truce, not a flag indicating the intent to surrender
Update (6th October 2007)
opswarfare has just experienced LOAC training while in reservist training. Very realistic, very useful for real combat operations.

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