Sunday, 3 June 2007

Learning from the Three Lions

  1. British Army
  2. Infantry Battle School
  3. Platoon Commander’s Battle Course (14 weeks)
  4. explain, demonstrate, imitate, act
  5. immersion training
  6. overseas training, and with local civilians as non-combatants
  7. 3 block war scenarios
  8. urban operations
  9. brilliance at the basics
  10. combined arms at the lowest level (at section level)
Regular readers of opswarfare will know that this article epitomises the ethos of opswarfare. That is not to say that there is nothing new here. The immersion training is a great idea, with new trainee platoon commanders being inserted into a foreign country, totally different from conditions back home, plus local civilians going about their normal lives around them. Perfect conditions for training for the 3 block war.

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