Sunday, 9 July 2006

demand and supply

opswarfare is exploring a "demand and supply" look into how to improve the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). Normally, opswarfare prefers to look at things from the ground up. But just as a trial, perhaps one can also look at it first from what are the possible scenarios where the SAF would be deployed, either hypothetically or otherwise.

First most critical "demand" scenario is a threat to our sovereignty. This would be the most demanding, but also most hypothetical scenario. Looking first at a conventional warfare scenario, an aggressor would most likely launch airstrikes on key military installations to deal a knockout blow to the SAF. Such actions would definitely be planned well in advance. Electronic warfare would be key here, as electronic eavesdropping would reveal tell-tale signs of an impending strike.

As expected, SAF's capability in this area is not well publicised. Potential tools to consider (if SAF does not have them yet) would be monitoring equipment to "listen" in to the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

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