Sunday, 27 March 2005

Modernising Defence Training - Report of the Defence Training Review

DTR - Contents

rational training

not only must training be realistic, it must also be rational. soldiers of today are no longer the brainless mob that will charge up the hill at your call and bidding. the dichotomy between conscripts and career soldiers, and more critically, the dichotomy between soldiers who really love their job and soldiers who are in it for something else, is the most pressing problem stopping the development of our armed forces.

Monday, 21 March 2005


its finally out, the merkava-based heavy APC. it even has a toilet facility for long watch missions. the Trophy Active Protection System will also be available if needed. opswarfare feels that adding slat armour [ala stryker] will further improve on its protection.

Monday, 7 March 2005

black hawk down postmortem

After watching "Black Hawk Down" on TV recently, opswarfare has some thoughts about urban warfare. First, the issue of tactics. Seems almost all urban warfare films fail to show the use of smoke as a concealment of troop movement, especially across open spaces. Second is concerning the weapons. Seems that US forces don't have a RPG7-styled weapon that they can use. The M203 is plain too weak, in range or firepower. A possible solution may be bullet-trap grenades. It turns every rifleman into a grenadier, instead of just the soldier holding the M203. Of course this thoughts have not been hypothesized properly. Maybe another potential project article in the making?